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+84 214 387 1898

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Le Gecko

033 Xuan Vien Street.

The restaurant serves some signature drinks such as the café Lavazza, which is imported from Italy, or some charming wines from France, Chile, Argentina, etc. It generates vast interests to the customers.

In addition, by possessing a good business location, the restaurant also provides 8 hotel rooms which are decorated simply yet extremely cozy.

Le Petit Gecko

015 Xuan Vien Street

This is a wooden house of the H'mong minority which is more than 50 years old. As the tradition of the H'mong people who cook by wood stove in the house and over the years, the smoke of the stove has created a glossy black for pillars that no paint can create. Moreover, the knife marks when viewed from the side have a sparkling beauty that looks like sculptures on wood. Over time, the house retained its ancient character and became unique in Sapa.

Le Gecko Cafe

02 Ngu Chi Son Street

Located next to the romantic Sapa lake, Le Gecko Café is distinguished by French architecture, by the perfect combination of burning yellow and pure white. It specialises in French pastries, Italian coffee and exquisite fast food.


Delicious food, Friendly atmosphere.


033 Xuan Vien Street

Our cosy rooms range from approx $18 to $40.

Le Gecko has 8 simply decorated guest rooms with rainy shower, cable TV and excellent WiFi.

* Included : Breakfast, Welcome drink, 5% of service charge and VAT tax.


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Le Gecko Sapa - 033 Xuan Vien st. Lao Cai, Vietnam
Phone : (+84) 241  387 1898
Mobile : (+84) 903 210 477
Email : vu@legeckosapa.com